wtorek, 5 sierpnia 2014

(Spanish?) Space Wolves codex przecieki / leaks


Nic więcej nie piszę, wklejam co znalazłem. Cieszcie oczy ;) Ktoś przetłumaczy?


I'm not going to say anything, but I found something interesting and am just reposting. Any translators?


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  1. Gdzie są wulfeny ja się pytam? Mam ochotę płakać... (powiedział gracz wilków)

  2. Hello. Great job, congratulations
    One question: is there the wulfen mark in the codex? Who can use it ( character, troops...)? How does it work?
    Thanks a lot

    1. judging by your name (and descent) you should be telling me this :D I have no idea, don't know spanish :)

      but what other players said, there are no wulfen, at least not in these pics

    2. The option for wulfen is not on the grey hunter page above. Other units might have it though?

    3. Yes, I'm spanish. But in the pages you scan doesn't appear the mark. Perhaps in other part of the codex... Thanks
      If you don't understand anything, i could help you ;)

    4. Gustavo, you would be a big help to the community if you helped translating some of the rules in here.

      Also, these are not my scans, they have been sent to me.

    5. Thanks for quoting us!

      I can also help with the spanish xDDD

    6. Wolfen, thanks for providing the pics. Next time do a proper job and translate them first ;)

      Just kidding :)

    7. Ok, grot. I'll try to traslate. Any first question?

  3. Apologies - my Spanish is ropey at best but- harald deathwolf appears to be immune to pyromancy and flamer template weapons and to top It off has outflank as a special rule!

    Nice big mob of outflanking thunderwolves = yes please!

  4. Some hints from spain:

    To use the big axe and the shield your dread must be ven so 50 pts
    Harald uses frozen axe, thunder hammer, has outflank and beasts at 12' can use his leadership
    Psi powers:

    Living lightning: 3 hits. If you roll a 6 you get 2 extra hits
    Stormcaller: gives obscured
    Thunderclap: assault 2d6 s3
    Murderous hurricane : large area s4 rending
    Fury of te wolf spirits: shoots 2 different weapons
    Jaws: targets only one miniature. Monstruous miniatures automatically PASSES the test

    Warlord traits:

    1-Repeats to hit in a challenge
    2- wolfs and thunderwolfs get stubborn and furious charge
    3- Monster Hunter
    4- Warlord and unit gets 6+ fnp
    5-Outflank and stealth
    6- Units at 12' reroll ld and pinning

    Sorry for my quick writing, I'm running out of bat.

    Will be back, just ask!


  5. Great company rules: all units have outflank with 6+, and in the case of troops with any independet character in them, with 4+. Every turn, one unit in reserve can appear without check; the others must check.
    Wardlord can repeat in the warlord traits table
    If the warlord is still alive all units have fear and furious charge

  6. Glad to see Canis Wolfborn in the codex still, but can he make Fenrisian Wolves Troops choices???

    1. No. Only choose until 2 fenrisian wolves (8points every wolf) as part of his eqquipment

    2. It's not Canis but Harald, the wolf lord of his compagny

    3. Sorry. I talked about harald i don't know anything about canis

  7. Someone told me ragnar is stubborn. Is ir true?? Thank you


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