środa, 10 września 2014

[WIP] Big Shootas & Rokkits


Kontynuując wykańczanie oddziałów postanowiłem w jednym z Trukków wrzucić Rokkitę (nie Jan Marię). Drugi Trukk ma Big Shootę i da sobie radę.
Dodatkowo jak widzicie, są jeszcze trzy Rokkity i Big Shooty. Te pójdą do oddziałów chłopaków na pieszo. Jedna do Death Skullsów druga do Bad Moonsów. Tylko decyzja, które do których? Macie pomysł? Death Skulls to Shoota Boyz, Bad Moons to Slugga i Choppa Boyz.

No nic, łapię się za pędzel, a wy pozostawcie sugestie...


Carrying on with finishing up my troops I decided to put one Rokkit Boy into one of the remaining Trukks. Other Trukk has a Big Shoota on it so it will fare well.
Additionally as you can see, I have prepared three Big Shootas and Rokkits to go to two of my thirty boy strong mobs. One of the mobs is a Death Skull mob with Shootas and the other is a Bad Moons mob with Sluggas and Choppas. But which guys where? Let me know what you thinking and I might just consider your idea!

Enough talking, carry on painting, and you leave your allocation suggestions below...

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4 komentarze:

  1. Wonderful to see you progressing so much on the orks!

    1. Well I had them in various stages of painting for few years now. Time to clean up, finish off the details and move on to the new and exciting models like Flashgits and stuff.

      I still got 114 boys to finish up :D before I move on to some Nobz and Warbosses. So keep coming, I will be posting updates and when all troops are done they will get a group photo.

    2. Wonderful. I'm always excited to see more orks. Your trukk mobs have turned out wonderful, so looking forward to the rest of your progress!

      Helps inspire me, as I've gotten in my head to do an ork summoning army, and all the daemons are going to be crazy painted orks with daemon weapons :)

    3. That's an amazing idea! Make sure they are huge and mean :D


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