środa, 25 marca 2009

The Day of Rohan... or Friday

On Friday, 27th of March, I'm going to paint all 18 companies of my Rohirian cavalry. 18 companies is 36 horses, 36 riders, 18 bases. The way I'm gonna do it is as follows:

on Thursday 26th I will prepare the bases with flock and Chaos Black undercoat. Everything including horses and riders with shields will be black. Preparation does not count :)

Then the procedure will be as follows:

* scorched brown on all bases
* drybrush bases with bestial brown
* extreme highlight with bleached bone

* 6 companies of khemri brown / devlan mud horses
* 6 companies of adeptus battlegrey / badab black horses
* 6 companies of tausept ochre / devlan mud horses

* straps with scorched brown
* headpieces with chainmail drybrush / badab black
* saddles scorched brown or snakebite leather or khemri brown / devlan mud

6 companies of Sons of Eorl painted as follows:
* cape - adeptus battlegrey / thinned down badab black
* body - chainmail in all possible places (they got more armour than usual guys)
* trousers - scorched brown / devlan mud

12 companies of Riders of Rohan painted as follows:
* cape - knarlock green / thraka green
* body - black or scorched brown / devlan mud
* trousers - black or scorched brown / devlan mud

After that I should paint weapons with boltgun metal or chainmail or tin bitz and wash it with devlan mud or badab black.

As you can see I rely on washes a lot as they give a nice touch to simply painted army with little effort and maximum effect. I could spend the time on these models, but not when I got like 36 of them! Plus they die so fast.

So... I will try to post my progress when one batch is finished in form of pics or video, thatI will post on YouTube and here after I edit it. Don't know yet.

That's it for today. See ya on Thursday evening when I post a pic of assembled, based and undercoated models.

This is what I got assembled so far:


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