piątek, 27 marca 2009

Rohirian Friday

So... hokay, I started a bit late. Fallout 3 and CoD5 was more important.

19:45 I've put on the Fellowship of he Ring and started painting. Bases are Scorched Browned!

22:05 Slowly... slowly... bases Bestialed Browned.

23:05 Horses painted with Khemri Brown, Adeptus Battlegrey and Bestial Browned.

23:55 Veeerrry slow... Horses Devlun Muded.

00:25 Horses Badab Blacked.

02:45 21 episodes of Two and a Half Men later, 36 saddles painted, waiting for static grass...

I noticed that my riders are not undercoated so no more painting tonight. I need some sausage, drink and sleep. Painting challenge continues tomorrow...

1 komentarz:

  1. ello,
    nie posądzałbym cię o malowanie koni :P
    ludzie się zmieniają

    Poziom figurek masz coraz lepszy. Pozazdrościć. Ja pędzelka 2 lata w ręku nie miałem.


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