niedziela, 24 lipca 2011

Flames of War boccage, eggs and bacon

Right, so being on a roll with terrain building I went on to build myself some boccage. I found lots of pictures online and looked at some tutorials on forums. I decided to use whatever I have got in my stock. And that is lots of cardboard, board and other recycled paper.

So at first I cut out strips of old perforated board 6" long, 1" wide; another strips 6" long and 0.5" wide. I attached them at 90 degrees angle with PVA. But two things happened. Not only I couldn't keep the bits stay up, also when I did, the board warped and look fugly.

The I decided to use board after a board game box. I cut the same size strips and this time I used plastic glue gun to attach them. Two things went right: it was really easy to attach them and keep the parts straight and there was no warping.

These are the results:

Oh yes, I also made couple corners, 1" wide.

After all this I started layering kitty litter with some PVA. The photo below shows the bits after two layers:

What are your thoughts?

Also, there is something amazing for you to enjoy after you read and ponder over this post :D

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