wtorek, 19 lipca 2011

Flames of War rivers

I decided to finalise all those bits of terrain for flames I always wanted to put on the table. And as I hate using unpainted stuff, I got cracking with the rivers.
I had those boxes of Monopoly lying around and I decided to take them  apart to cut out the segments. I think they turned out pretty well. I know it's pretty straight but maybe later I will add some curves. For now I ran out of Army Painter's Medium Sand. I will try painting them later on. For now there are just painted black.


2 komentarze:

  1. So far, so good. I need to pull my finger out and do some too.

    From past experience:
    1. I find 45° bends more versatile than 90° ones. I actually cut all the club ones in half to do that.
    2. I suggest making two of those straights into fords. Any river on board should have 2-3 crossings (one for every 2ft is a good rule of thumb).


  2. Thanks Lee. I will make fords when they dry out. I think of putting some sand over the painted river bed and then sploge the brown paint. I think it should work just fine.

    How the hell did you get the degree sign? :D


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