środa, 30 września 2015

Wargames mats comparative video review preparations!


Pozwólcie, że tym razem skupię się na pisaniu posta po angielsku, ponieważ wideo, które mam zamiar nagrać będzie pierwotnie po angielsku. W wolnej chwili nałożę ścieżkę audio z polskim.


My friend Witek (you could see couple of his models on this blog, and I also played a game with him last weekend ) has planted a seed for this in my head and I simply followed on from there.

So, the idea was, as you can guess from the title of this post, to make a review of the mats. But different than the other reviews. So far I have only seen reviews that would show one, maybe two mats, usually from the same manufacturer. I started getting in touch with some of the companies and managed to secure samples from some of them.

Main objectives

  • To make a comparative VIDEO review in ENGLISH of various mats side by side.
  • To show potential buyers maximum angles, views of the mats owned.
  • To allow potential buyers to make a decision on their own by providing them with maxium amount of information about the mats owned.
  • To perform various test, that are real life scenarios:
    • folding - keep the mat folded for 24h and then unfold it - how fast can it go to it's flat state
    • waterresistance - spill the same amount of water onto a mat, see if it soaks the mat or stays on top
    • reflections - film the mat from various angles to show that there are no / are some reflections, that could spoil your fun
    • thickness - measure each mat, show them side by side
    • materials used - draft info from the manufacturers on the materials (if it's not a secret :)
    • sound of dice - film the same amount of dice being thrown on the table, focus on the sound they make (is it soft or loud?)
    • resolution of graphics used - do they look the part?
    • price - compare prices of each mat in Euros
    • shipping costs - how much does it cost to post it to UK / US / Poland (will be asking each manufacturer for info)
  • To present collected data in a chart (?) and allow for well informed decision making.
  • No winners! Honest and objective opinion.

Where you, readers, come in
  • Have I missed an idea to test the mats? Can you think of some ways to test them?
  • Please mind, that I do not want to damage them in any way - they will need to be used later.
  • Any particular thing you want to know about the mats? Let me know.

  • The sponsors are manufacturers who sent the mat to be reviewed and kept for further battle report making.
  • Agreement is that I will, later on, use the mats when filming my batreps and tell the viewers which mat I am using.
So far I got in touch with the following manufacturers and they all agreed to participate in the review (the order is as they responded to my requests):

2 komentarze:

  1. been thinking of getting a mat, maybe a Gamemat one, so I'll look forward to your review.

    1. I'll gladly deliver. Please spread the word among your friends who were also considering getting a mat.


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