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Genestealer releases, another GW mat, Blood Bowl

OK, so it seems that GW is going with the one boring, one amazing week for releases. This week is the boring one.

New on offer will be eleven Texture Paints in bigger, 24ml pots, +10%.
Aparently there is some kind of dispenser to be got if you buy the whole set plus additional 5% discount.

From other news we got Genestealer Cults: Leman Russ and Neophyte Hybrid Armoured Claw.
First is just a regular Leman Russ with an upgrade sprue, the other is ten Shock Troopers with Chimera and again, an upgrade sprue with heads, guns and such.

Citadel Texture Paint - 4,50 GBP / 6 EUR
Genestealer Cults: Leman Russ - 32 GBP / 42 EUR
Neophyte Hybrid Armoured Claw - 35 GBP / 45 EUR

Unfortunately there's nothing more... well... except for the fact that there is another mat coming from GW. This time it's again a 4x4 mat but with Khorne theme to it.

On top of it some pictures of Blood Bowl has been spotted.

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