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Horus Heresy: Burning of Prospero leaving D6 behind?


So as we all know, or should know, by now, on 22nd October you will be able to preorder the box on Games Workshop site. By 29th we will see the official release in the shops. The important news is that it is NOT an expansion to Horus Heresy: Betrayal at Calth. Rules and mechanics are different.

The box will be priced at 95 GBP, the painting guide at 6 GBP and there's also will be a novel available for 20 GBP.

The shops will also receive the following items to distribute as the please:
Art cards - 8 sets
Pin Badges (Ahriman, Geigor) - 70 (35 each)
D12 dice for Space Wolves
D12 dice for Thousand Sons

So what's in the box?
47 plastic miniatures
     Geigor Fell-Hand
     30x Tactical Marines MK3
     5x Tartaros Terminators
     5x Custodian Guard
     5x Sisters of Silence
16 page background book
32 page rulebook
5 double sided tiles to play on
15 psychic power cards
36 warp energy and will power cards
24 dice - D6, D8, D10, D12

Weapons available on the sprues via Bolter and Chainsword:

Tactical squad
11 chainswords
1 power sword
2 power fists (with option for 1 lightning claw)
1 thunderhammer
7 bolt pistols
1 plasma pistol
1 plasma gun
1 melta gun
1 heavy bolter
10 bolters

power fists (at least 4 can be lightning claws)
twin linked bolters
1 plasma blaster
1 volkite
1 power sword
1 autocannon
1 heavy flamer
grenade harness

5 shields
5 spears
5 swords
5 sheathed short swords/ daggers

Sisters of Silence
5 bolters
5 flamers
6 greatswords

The box offers a saving of 60% according to GW, so buy asap to save some money. They will get more expensive when they run out and you have to buy separately.

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  1. Bandyci. Nie mają litości dla mojego portfela... wypuszczają takie wypasy...

    1. Hehehe... ja sie siluje caly czas. Ale chyba znowu odpuszcze.

  2. BTW - zaktualizuj sobie blogrolla, bo nie masz mojego bloga - wink, wink Za to pełno jakichś zombie blogów martwych od 2 lat :P

  3. Can we know the title of that novel? :D

  4. Ostatnio Tzeentch dostaje tyle modeli, a jeszcze zaraz Magnusa wypuszczą.. Roczny budżet na figurki już wydany, więc nie wiem co teraz..


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