poniedziałek, 9 czerwca 2014

White Dwarf #20 Wycieki / Leaks


Trochę obrazków wyciekniętych z 20ego White Dwarfa. Te modele wyglądają niesamowicie! Dodatkowo, kolekcja książek za tysiące zemboof - CRAZY!

Some leaked pictures of White Dwarf 20. These models look amazing! Also, book collection for thousands of teef - CRAZY!

4 komentarze:

  1. Any chance you can post about what's coming in next issue?

    1. This is the next issue. It's coming this Saturday. If I have any news on issue 21 I will post it.

    2. but what do they say in issue 20 about issue 21?
      you know, at the end, they usually announce the headlines
      is it what was reported on Faeit's blog?

    3. True, but if only I had the issue I would tell you. Remember I only receive thos pics from people who are willing to send me some.


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