wtorek, 30 sierpnia 2016

Chaos Space Marines Invasion

So we are getting plenty of cool stuff for the Chaos Space Marines!We are getting a new supplement codex that contains new rules and background. But that's not all. There are plenty of miniatures and one piece of terrain that moves from resin to plastic (Void Shield Generator). You will hear about these officially on 3rd September.

So, Traitor's Hate is a 136 page Warhammer 40.000 supplement that is an update to the Codex: Chaos Space Marines. That means that there is no book coming for the Chaos Space Marines any time soon? We can read in the supplement about Chaos Space Marine invasion on the Diamor System during Abaddon’s Black Crusade. Blood Angels are rumoured to be featured in it as well. 11 new formations, new Detachment, new Tactical Objectives. Most importantly rules for using Renegade Knights in 40k.

Some prices below:

A Traitor’s Hate - £30.00
Psychic Powers Cards: Heretic Astartes  - £8.00
Kharn the Betrayer - £22.00 
Favoured of Chaos - £65.00
Void Shield Generator - £ 60.00

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