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Deathstorm: Units and Formations


Trying to look through the supplement for you, piece by piece. I hope you are enjoying those posts.

This time around I had a look at the unique formations conatined in the campaign supplement, Shield of Baal: Deathstorm, as well as all entries. As you know, we are receiving seven entries and two formation (mixture of 5 for Blood Angels and 4 for Tyranids). I will not go into too much detail (like statlines) due to obvious reasons, but will give you and overview. Let's start with the Blood Angels, shall we?

Captain Karlaen

A terminator captain with an already assigned Strategic Genius warlord trait. He has counter attack special rule and wields a Relic of Baal - The Hammer of Baal which is a Specialist, Uwieldly and Master-crafted weapon. Comes in at 160 points.

Squad Alphaeus

Five terminators with a sargeant. They have to wield one heavy flamer, one combination of storm bolter and chainfist and two combinations of strom bolter and power fists. Sarge, who prefers to kill Tyranids, is carrying as storm bolter and a power sword. This is the most generic squad of terminators you have seen. Well, it could have an assault cannon. Price tag - 215 points.

Raphen's Death Company

Another unit of five dudes, this time the crazed assault marines. Their captain, Raphen, carries a thunder hammer and a bolt pistol, rest of them have a mixture of chainswords, power fists and inferno pistols, etc. Each of them different kit. They will cost you 210 points.

Cassor the Damned

Dreadnaught with two blood talons and a meltagun and a storm bolter. He feels rage and is furios at charge. His armour will also ignore Shaken and Stunned effects. 140 points.

Strike Force Deathstorm

Now you know where the boxset name came from! Uses all models from Blood Angels faction with two special rules giving them Fearless or Counter-attack if they already were Fearless. The other one is the ability of Karlaen to enable all memebers to re-roll failed to wound rolls.

Now let's move on to Tyranids, three unti entries and a formation.

The Children of Cryptus

Eight genestealers and a Broodlord, who is also a psyker and a warlord with prefered enemy thingy. 215 points.

Phodian Hive Warriors

Three warriors with mixed gear: pair of scything talons with either a venom canon or boneswords and one with rending claws, lash whip and a bonesword. They come with interesting special rules, one saying that they do not suffer penalty from charging through difficult terrain and the other making all difficult terrain within 12" of that unit a dangerous terrain. 170 points.

The Beast of Phodia

Nothing beats a carnifex. And a carnifex with a Hammer of Wrath that just doesn't want to die... nothing gets even close to hurting it. It's dirt cheap too, 170 points.

Phodian Annihilation Swarm

All the above Tyranid entries with two special rules. One giving them Stealth or Shrouded (if already Stealthy enough). The other giving them Preferred Enemy as long as the Broodlord / Spawn of Cryptus is alive.

So this is it. These are the units / formations. Take it or leave, or even buy the box, since now you know what to expect!

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  1. Nice overview! Thanks for the info!

  2. Do you have one for exterminatus? Need more information on their dataslates. Hoping to find if there is a pure dc formation.

    Nice review.


  3. Czy Cassora można wystawiać jako normalnego Troopsa w grach 40k?


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