niedziela, 7 grudnia 2014

[WIP] Death Company from Deathstorm for my Flesh Tearers #1


I have taken the minis out of the box today to give them some love. I have decided I do not want to be stuck with either jump packs or no jump packs, thus I moved on to my magnets box and started working.

First, I have cut out and mounted the legs onto the painting holders.

Then I have carefully drilled, glued and mounted the torsos on the legs.

As you can see they all got magnets placed instead of the little glueing nob under the back pack.

Jump packs and back packs already assembled received a magnet each.

So I get the option (depending on the new Blood Angels codex or Flesh Tearers supplement).

Just in case they cannot make up their minds, they can take both of the packs with them (for some reason magnets work even through plastic, didn't know I bought them THAT strong).

And that's the whole lot, ten of them. Now I need to figure out the weapon kits.

Till later gang!

2 komentarze:

  1. Are you planning any Flesh Tearers-themed conversions?

    1. Not on Death Company. Other minis will or are normal Space Marines so probably not there as well.


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