wtorek, 9 grudnia 2014

[WIP] Death Company from Deathstorm for my Flesh Tearers #3


I have been considerably busy with the Death Company today. Among other things like going out for a pint (or four) and assisting my wife with stuff. Anyhoo, I have managed to drill and mount all the magnets / nails in the DC Assault Squad and even assemble a Librarian Dread.

Yes, I know they are missing the shoulder pads, but I still need to cast some and wait for some to arrive in the mail.

So, the whole ten man squad is fully magentized (except for the heads, I see no point in that) and the dread has the arms not glued (but that's a standard, right?). I will assemble the other one as the DC Dread, just because I love it!

I also will be reworking two Rhinos I have got to be in Flesh Tearers colours. Paint going on these soon!

2 komentarze:

  1. Looking good! You make fast progress!

    1. Plenty of time off on my hands. Unfortunately it ended last night :(


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