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[WIP] Death Company from Deathstorm for my Flesh Tearers #2


Day two of my Death Company assembly. I keep using magnets to make the most of the kit. Assuming that the unit is going to be in the new codex the same as in the campaign supplement, I went for bolters first. That should give me 20 shots before charging (Relentless makes you able to rapid fire), and will be also useful in overwatch situations, in case I fail my charge. When you think that 40 attacks is not enough, they will mostly be accompanied by a Chaplain, that gives them re-rolls To Hit and To Wound. Quite a powerful blow.

Anyway, let's have a look at how I managed to magnetise the hands.
Since I have a limited amount of small magnets, I decided to use small nails and use them in the arms (as these can be interchanged later on). So, another time to drill some. Here's a step by step:

I start with a smallest drill (1mm) do drill guide holes in both arms and the torso.

Then I make it wider with another drill (2mm I think).

Then with the final drill, which is the same diameter as my magnets I drill the holes in the torso.

And some sink holes for the nails.

This is the idea behind all this screwing around

This pair of arms had no sink holes (a mistake!) and they stick out just a bit. Not a big problem.

Magnets in the torso. It's best to dry fit them to see if they can fit in the gap. Then a bit of super glue and a non metallic bit to slide them in.

That's the dude with arms on. As you can see you can pose them.

And the three I have done so far. It takes some time I tell you.

So, this is it for today I think. I will continue to assemble them. I will post a pic of them all assembled on my Facebook page, so go over there to be up to date if you wish to do so.

Till later!

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  1. Very nice! I sometimes wish I magnetized my marines arms. Relentless bolters are pretty awesome. I hope they can take some other heavy weapons too!

    1. Not sure, need to check the codex. I might add some flamers and special weapons for the main guy, if they can take one (I'm not to sure if they can).


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