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WD #45: They Thirst for Battle!


I have collected all confirmed news from the latest issue of the latest Games Workshop catalogue. Here's what you can find inside:

Grot, Orderly, Games, Workshop, White, Dwarf

Blood Angels

  • A release of the new Tactical Squad full of options and conversion bits. Yes, with bigger, 32mm, bases. There's an option for a Heavy Flamer too, but it seems they lost a Missile Launcher since it's not in the box.
  • Sanguinary priest, god awful looking model of a guy holding a chalice.
  • Datacards box containing Sanguniary Psychic Discipline and Tactical Objectives.
  • Blood Angels Dice box with ten 16mm dice.
  • Sons of Sanguinius Painting Guide sporting tips on how to paint Blooad Angels and Flesh Tearers.
  • Blood Angels codex with it's Sanguinary Guard edition conating also hardbound painting guide and artwork of Blood Angels and their successor chapters. Yes, the second one  is limited to only 1500 copies.
  • Legacies of Betrayal 448 pages hardback compilation of Horus Heresy stories, all previously published.
  • Heart of Rage and Garro: Shield of Lies audiobooks. 70 minutes and 140 minutes long, respectively. Both by James Swallow


  • This time around we need to mention one, only one, resin model that is being released for the Hobbit, which is the Smaug. Mail Order only model of the huge Dragon. It is exquisite, so is the price of it. 
Grot, Orderly, Games, Workshop, White, Dwarf
  • Also, some other tiny models.

Rules of Engagement

  • Another made up ruleset, kind of, on how to use all your models from the collection. This time around they are not making us use, let's say, Smaug to fight of couple goblins or orcs. The idea is to use all your models in an Apocalypse game, in a series of games, but you cannot use the same model twice. This will force you to go through the whole collection of models you own to dust off the ones you have not used in a while. Quite a refreshing idea this time around. Good one GW!

Brothers in Blood

  • A look through three successor chapters of the Blood Angels: Flesh Tearers (yay!), Angels Sanguine and Blood Drinkers. Are we to await a supplement for at least one of them? Flesh Tearers maybe? As it was rumoured to come.

Sprues and Glue

  • Taking up an unusual four pages, it showes the possibilites and amount of bits in the new Blood Angels Tactical kit.

Issue 46

  • Hall of Fame
  • The Blood Angels got to war
  • An unexpected ally
  • A supplement with rules for the Smaug.

7 komentarzy:

  1. I seriously believed gw warned you about leakd images :p

    1. They did. But these are already out. Nothing new here really except for the info. Not pics.

  2. there's a shot join ground the net of maybe some new terminator models. it's the scene with th storm raven in the background and.. terms.. could you take a good look at the banner and see if it looks entirely new, thanks:)

    1. Ten komentarz został usunięty przez autora.

    2. It looks cool, but I'm not sure if it's something new. Also, we wouldn't get the terminators in the Shield of Baal boxset if they were about to get changed over. Like we didn't get any Tacticals, see? :)

    3. there not tactical terms, it's meant to be an honour guard/dc termie box

    4. Or they are just flushing the old stock. I do find it a bit hard to believe they'd come up with a special terminator group for BA...but then SW have their own, and so do GK, and DA.


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